Women in Art

2010 - belize

Women in Art show provided me a platform to display my unique works on canvas. Women in Art is celebrated annually in Belize and it’s always a pleasure to be a part of it.

Women in Art

2006 - belize

When Attallah Shabbaz, eldest daughter of Malcom X, chose my poem, “I Have a Way With Words, She Said” to be recited at Women in Art, 2006, I was delighted. The poem was written in honor of my mom, Jean U Shaw, JP., MBE.


Jan 24th 2008 - belize

Portrait of Jean U Shaw nee Weir, commissioned by Belize Tourism Board. I was asked to paint my mom’s portrait for the dedication of the BTB Headquarters in Belize to her memory.

Unique Photography

dec 5th 2000 - belize

Artist displays unique photographic technique  at Image Factory Art Foundation, curated by Yasser Musa …In honor of my mom who passed a year prior.

First Art Show

sep 8th 1998 - belize

Artist makes debut at Fiesta Inn, Belize Paintings & Photography. My very first art show in Belize.



Treasures of a Century. A collection of Belizean Twentieth Century Poetry
SHE, Belizean Women Poets.

Art Show Pix